Consignment Tuesday

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hi all! It's been a very loooong day. As in I haven't gone to bed yet from last night. The reason for this is because I had an appointment to take some clothes to consignment at 10:30 this morning. Knowing myself very well, if I had gone to bed, I wouldn't have woken up in time. Not to say I'm not a morning person, I just like to sleep for incredibly long chunks of time. Seeing as how I've been going to bed at about 4am the past few nights, that means by my sleep schedule, I wouldn't be due to get up until about 4-6pm. I would have missed my appointment for sure! So here I am. Still trucking along. I'm only surviving right now by playing Sleigh Bells repeatedly. It's getting me revved up. If you don't know who Sleigh Bells is, you can check them out here and get pumped up yourself.

My trip to the consignment shop was sad to say the least. I was taking in 45 items, mostly Sarah, my boss's stuff that we deemed too modern to be selling at a vintage shop. They only took 10 things! Oy. I also got back a bunch of my rejects and made a whole $11. I sometimes wonder why I make the trek out there. It barely covers the bus fare. Selling online isn't worth it either though. I once PAID someone on eBay $10 to take a dress off my hands, because I hadn't counted on the shipping to be so high. It makes me realize that I have to make each and every purchase count and make sure it's something I want because getting rid of it is such a hassle (unless I just donate it but where's the money recouping in that?) Although, I don't mind scooping up other people's items that they are trying to unload. How else would I get $5 dresses on eBay?

Today was supposed to be Treasure Tuesday, but since I had a cart full of clothes and there was major construction down the street where I wanted to peruse the vintage shops, you'll have to settle for some Etsy finds instead.

Etsy wishlist, 1930s lingerie, 1930s nightgown, star ear cuff, floral fascinator, hedgehog soap, 1950s green coaster, 1960s white shift mini dress, A Coin For the Well

1) 1940s nightgown - LitteStarsVintage - $24
2) 1950s coasters - strawberrykoi - $22
3) 1960s shift dress - NewmanHall - $33
4) Hedgehog soap - LoveLeeSoaps - $6
5) Handmade ear cuff - martymagic - $69
6) Handmade fascinator - SophiesHatsandMore - $25
7) Vintage pattern pendant - HandmadebyHance - $10

I also thought I'd take a moment to highlight some stores that consistently have neat things (and that I want to one day purchase from!) Here are three that I'm loving right now.

Etsy wish list, wishlist, coin purse, change purses, homemade, pretty fabric, vintage style, humoresque

Coin purses by humoresque.

Etsy wish list, wishlist, carved silver jewelry, silver jewellery, animal imprint jewelry, rings, necklace, dog, shark, elephant, Africa shaped, rockmyworldinc, French bulldog smoking, A Coin For the Well

Carved and imprint sterling silver jewelry by rockmyworldinc.

Etsy wishlist, wish list, emandsprout, homemade, cute, adorable, kitstch, cloud shoes, sailor print top, alpaca shirt, felt penguins, A Coin For the Well
Cute apparel, shoes and accessories by emandsprout.

Another kind of "treasure" today was a promotion Modcloth is running. Purchase any of their exclusive items and receive this cute deck of cards, Modcloth playing cards, pink cards, Modcloth logo, game, gambling, deck of cards, poker, blackjack, brand pride

Aren't they adorable? I'm kind of a sucker for anything with the Modcloth logo. I'm notorious for being unable to afford promotions where you get a tote bag when you spend $150, but I'll buy the tote bag on eBay later. I mean, of course I'm sweet on Modcloth and their logo, I have it tattooed on my body (for real!) I entertained the idea of buying something inexpensive in order to get the cards but then decided I was too poor and just bought the cards alone. Had I actually bought something, here's what my top picks would be., Modcloth wishlist, wish list, favorite picks, tops, shirts, pillow, cardigans, bra, Winston tote, A Coin For the Well

2) Wisdom by Winston - $18

It's a really good idea that Modcloth is offering the promotional item alone for purchase (and not for $50 like their summer accessory bags are. They're cute, but $50 is a little steep for a tote and some cheapie accessories.)  I love to show my Modcloth pride! Who wants to play some euchre?

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