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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hey there! Excuse the brief hiatus. I took a little time off while my blog design was being finished and while I was waiting for a new camera. I didn't quite get a new camera, but I got a "new to me" camera so it will have to do for now. So welcome to the first edition of Treasure Tuesday! Where I show off some of the amazing thrift and vintage store finds I've come across. Sadly, I haven't had a lot of time to scour the local thrift and vintage stores (besides the one I've been working in) and I never think to bring my camera in there. There are some lovely scores in there however. A vintage Hermes tie came my way today. I'm not a cross dresser by any means but it was quite lovely. I did score some gold Ferragamos last week that I will have to base an outfit around. There are definitely benefits to working in a vintage shop!

A few weeks ago, I went to a vintage shop I've been shopping at for over half my life called Magpie Antiques. I started frequenting there after becoming obsessed with Titanic (the movie and the real ship) and hoping that I would chance upon some jewelry that "perhaps" Rose would wear. I've been shopping there for 15 years and always find beautiful little treasures there. How fitting that I shall post about my finds there for my first installment of Treasure Tuesday.

The last time I had gone, they were clearing out some items that they had put out for a sidewalk sale and hadn't sold. I scored this awesome vintage Jones New York striped shirt for $5. It's a little over-sized but I think it will look cute tucked into some white shorts or high waisted jeans.

I took it for a test run to visit my friend, Elly while she was working at Booster Juice. I got the bright idea to take pictures ("I need material for my blog!!!") without thinking to put on make-up or comb my hair. That's how I roll!

Shirt Detail

I also have these really cool, mod style sunglasses. They're actually Hello Kitty and were super over-priced ($25!) but surprisingly go with everything. Anytime I have a little bit of white detail in my outfit (like my pear outfit in my previous entry) or just when I want to look like I'm straight out of the 60s, I toss them on. They have sticky crap on the lenses and I can hardly see out of them, but it's worth it. I was featured on a local style blog for the local university a few years ago and I owe it to these glasses, I swear on it.

Remaining Outfit Details
Jeans - Silver Jeans
Sandals - Bizou
Purse - Ardenes

My next treasure also came from Magpie. I'm a bit of a sucker for old make-up compacts and lipstick holders. Or pretty much anything related to beauty products of yesteryear. I see old perfume atomizers and I go weak in the knees. Don't get me wrong, there's some really beautiful beauty products out today (especially at Sephora) but I just feel like so many of the old beauty products are so much better. They were made to last, to be refilled and to be treasured. My favourite make-up company is Besame because the compacts are designed to be bought once and refilled with powder - the way it used to be. Just take a look at these Etsy items with the search terms "compact" and "lipstick." They are completely divine!

As for the compact I actually purchased and not just ones I'm dreaming about, here it is!

It's seen better days but it's still super pretty.

And for my last treasure of the day, as a Diet Coke fiend and lover of vintage things, I had to get this.

I got it from this place called The Vintage Witch Shoppe. She asked if I wanted to volunteer there too so I might be a very busy lady soon!

Hope you enjoyed your Labour Day weekend! Here is a poor photo of some fireworks. But fireworks nonetheless. Talk soon!

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