Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I've been missing in action. I realize that. And I'm super, super sorry! My grandpa recovered, and I was no longer required to care for him but I didn't return to blogging. When it came down to it, I felt like I was spending more time blogging than actually getting out and doing things, and that's not how I wanted to be. I had read a lot of blogging tips about going back and fixing dead links and tagging old photos to make them appear in Google searches and this and that, and while that is all good advice, I felt like I never left the computer. Now I feel like I'm actually doing what I want to do, and I actually would have material for my blog, if I had even bothered to get out my camera! Sadly, all or nothing girl here.

So I shall update you quickly what I've been up to! I had come to the conclusion for the millionth time that I had way too many clothes and that I needed to stopped buying them, especially dresses, since I hardly wear them anymore. I allotted money to different things and different activities. I bought a fancy typewriter (just decoration sadly, since it was only $7 and the keys don't line up) and I also bought a vintage bike! If I end up doing some blogging in the future, it will make a fancy prop, but realistically, it's a way for me to get around. I'm still trying to master riding it, since the last time I rode a bike, I was 12 and regularly crashing into things, including parked cars and my cabin at camp.

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I've also been trying super hard to eat better. This was a big step for me, as I ate mostly pizza before. It finally clicked that the reason I might feel sluggish and depressed a lot might have something to do with my diet. I still treat myself here and there (I had a cookie today and I had some KFC on the weekend) but overall, my diet is much healthier and comes out of boxes and packages much less. 

I also took up knitting! I was inspired by my friend, Nicole of Mercantile 519 and her rad creations. Also, I've just been getting into vintage more and more (and not just clothing, the way people lived in general) and learning to knit seemed like a natural step to take. I signed up for a beginner's class at Michael's and it went horrible to be honest. My mind could not grasp how to form a stitch, because I couldn't keep left and right straight, over and under kept messing me up and I kept confusing clockwise and counterclockwise. It really isn't that difficult now that I've gotten the hang of it but I like to make things more complicated than they are. I have no idea what this thing is going to be below, it's too narrow to be a scarf or a dish cloth, but look, it's a patch I knitted!

In an effort to not spend money on dresses, I've been spending money on hobbies, better groceries and things for my house. And also... magazines! Sometimes print magazines and sometimes digital ones if the print versions are too expensive (and I seem to love imported ones so that's often the case.) I was already in love with BUST and Vintage Life magazine but I'm newly in love with Frankie magazine, Mollie Makes and Betty magazine. I also have a library account that hooks me up with digital subscriptions to Women's Health, Martha Stewart Living, Mental Floss, Whole Living and dozens of others. I've been a very busy girl. Between reading several books on the go, I can now have dozens magazines on the go too. Huzzah!

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After reading Vintage Life and seeing all the cool vintage theme events going on the UK, I was yearning for something like that to happen in Windsor. When my mom mentioned going to a poodle skirt themed work function, I timidly asked if I could come. My mom had been shopping for an outfit on Modcloth for weeks, but I didn't get the bright idea to ask if I could accompany her until the day before. Luckily, I had items in my closet that worked just fine. I had so much fun! They even had a hula hooping contest, which was right up my alley, considering I had just bought a hula hoop a few weeks earlier. Sadly, my hoop broke 2 revolutions into the actual competition, but in my heart I know who should have rightfully won.

Suzanne Amlin, hula hooping girl, retro style, vintage style, red polka dot dress, saddle shoes, Modcloth style, Village of Aspen Lake 50s dinner
 Hoop is in the air

Bad hula hooping, Village of Aspen Lake 50s dinner
Hoop is not in the air

Afterwards, an Elvis impersonator took to the stage and then went up to ladies in the crowd and serenaded then with roses. I was a lucky recipient who received a rose, however, it was a little embarassing because I was in the midst of stuffing my face with popcorn and didn't see him come up beside me. Then suddenly people were taking my picture and I was like, "Noooooo." I don't know the lady in the orange sweater, but look how cute her reaction is. I had to post it!

Elvis Presley impersonator, Village of Aspen Lake 50s dinner, retro themed dinner, 1950s, Suzanne Amlin
Suzanne Amlin, cute girl, Betty Boop style, pin up, red lipstick, Besame, pretty, carnations, Coca Cola glass, Coke glass, retro, vintage style

That's pretty much all I've been up to! I have some other posts planned this week because several businesses have graciously sent me products to review (I was seriously stoked because I didn't think I was important enough for that to happen?) so keep an eye out for that! Until next time!

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Modcloth's Make the Cut Contest + What's New With Me!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's been a weird month. What happened initially was that I was feeling a little down and lacking energy and just could not bring myself to write an entry. That's (one) of the unfortunate parts of being bi-polar - you start all these endeavors when you're super manic and then abandon them when you're starting to feel low. I was pretty bummed, especially since I had just shelled out some money on advertising (oh no, I'm luring people to an inactive page!) but what can ya do.

I'm still not out of my slump, but now there's more stuff going on. My parents just finished helping my grandma move to Canada from Florida so it's a bit hectic with that and my grandpa was just released from the hospital, maybe a little earlier than he should have been, considering he's on an IV and on oxygen. I've practically moved back in with my parents in the meantime to lend a helping hand and give my gramps some companionship.

However, not everything is bad! I got paid some money for house sitting while my parents were away in Florida, packing up my gram's house, I got to go in for work at an ad agency that I get to work at sporadically throughout the year and I got my first Share-a-Sale cheque. Can you say rolling in money? For me anyways!

In other exciting news, I was featured on the Modcloth blog (my fourth time!) It was a total surprise and I didn't even know until some friends on Facebook had tagged me. It really brightened my day and I was so happy to be featured alongside my friends, Elana and Pamada.

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As for the other reason I'm here, I'm announcing a really cool opportunity from Modcloth! I myself can't participate because it's for US citizens only, but you creative ladies Stateside better get on this STAT!

The dresses from the swatches (as far as I can tell) are as follows:
Cartoon Deer - Cheeriest and Dearest Dress - $94.99
Yellow and White Stripes - Difference Between White and Saffron Dress $47.99
Rainbow Dots - Chipper and Cheery Dress - $87.99
Bowling Pins - Rock and Bowl Dress - $87.99
Colourful Food - Good Enough to Eat Dress - $69.99
Blue Toile - Be Outside Dress in Delft - $74.99
Blue/Red Chevron - Lauren Moffatt Over and Overlook Dress - $409.99

There were a few couldn't find that I can only assume have been discontinued. I was too afraid to look in the abyss that is Pinterest/Google.

A few of the key details are as follows -

Submissions are accepted until 9:01am PST this Valentine's Day, 2/14. So sorry for the lack of advance notice! Like I said, a little hectic around here!

Fabric designs are to be designed using the "Air of Adorable Dress" template. This dress has been made in loads of other cute styles. Whatever choice they end up going with will be in good company!

Modcloth dresses,, Air of Adorable, It Takes Sudoku Dress, As Days Go Binary Dress
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/

Special guest judge, Amanda Needham, the costume designer of Portlandia will help determine the finalists! After that, the Modcloth community will vote on the Be the Buyer page. I think this is so rad. She has such a good eye for fashion. There are so many characters on Portlandia (mostly portrayed by Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen) and they have such unique quirks and different fashion personalities. She is able to transform the actors into totally different people! Yet at the same time, while watching the show, I ALWAYS want to own what they are wearing, even if they are supposed to be a dowdy person.

IFC, Portlandia, Portlandia fashion, Spike and Iris wedding, Portlandia wedding, steampunk convention, Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein

Sounds really cool right? I'd love for her to take a look at something I had whipped up!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, head over to the Modcloth blog and read the full contest rules. They were a little lengthy so I decided to spare you on here.

As for other things, I've spent way, way too much money recently. Mostly because I had more than usual. I'm going to try some of the things I read in this blog post about ways to distract yourself from shopping. A little too late for this month, but definitely going to use it in the future!

Hope you all are doing well! That's all for me! Talk soon!

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