Silly Rabbit, Shenanigans Are for Suzy!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I never know what to name the titles of my blog post. How do people name these things regularly? Since it is Shenanigans Saturday and since I have a dummy account for Pinterest named "Silly Rabbit," I decided that this was the only natural thing to name this post. I don't know what I'm going to do for next Saturday though!

Anyways, onto the shenanigans! The shenanigans are actually from last Saturday. I took the pics on Saturday night and unless I wanted it to be Shenanigans Sunday, I had to wait until now to post them. My friend, Emily had a going away shindig at my favourite bar, the Loop. She is moving away to British Columbia so we had one last hurrah before she left. Here are some pics I took to commemorate the occasion.

Also, rather than dancing, I took some super creepy pics of my friend, Elly dancing, insisting they were for the blog. Oh, my poor friends. I'm so annoying.

The dress is from Forever 21 that I picked up in a lot of 6 items for $25 on ebay (score!) but you can pick up the same one on Poshmark. If the item has sold or not your size and you would prefer to just get an inspired version of this dress, try one of the ones below (note, I wasn't kidding when I said I've been on a mint kick! Although this dress is more of a teal/turquoise, I felt like I was looking at all the same items while making the Polyvore board for it.)

1) Come What May Dress in Jade - Ruche - $48
2) Peppermint Iced Tea Dress - Modcloth - $48
3) Vanilla Mint Tea Dress - Modcloth - $120
4) Shore Enough Dress - Modcloth - $73
5) Sparkling Water Dress - Modcloth $80

In other fashion related news, Modcloth is having a Pinterest contest! In honour of Homecoming Season, they are giving away $250 to 2 winners for pinning their party looks. Find out more on the Modcloth blog -  If you are interested in my picks for the contest, you can check them out here. Unfortunately I read about the "Homecoming" part too late and all my picks are just dresses I would wear to casual party affairs. Ah well!

I've had this song called "Natural" by Germany Germany in my head all week. I discovered it randomly on my iTunes after my friend and former co-DJ lent some tunes to me after my old laptop fried and I was left without any music. It's a decent enough song but gets really annoying when it's all that plays in your head. I'm hoping it will be like this Portlandia skit, where if you watch it, you will be cursed with it in your head instead of me. I will leave you with both videos.


And now the Portlandia skit! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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