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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hi there! I'm just checking in REALLY quickly because I don't have much time but I just wanted to share a few sales with you! While browsing my Facebook, I came across a post from Modcloth saying they were running a promotion for a "Happy Hour" sale on Windy City dresses. The promotion is for 25% off, so if you have been dying for one of these beauties, now is the time to scoop one up! also has a coupon listed for an additional 20% (PANDORA) so happy shopping!, Modcloth dress, Windy City Dress in Navy, Windy City Dress in Coral, Windy City Dress in Confetti, Happy Hour Sale, high neck dress, chiffon style dress, sprinkle pattern dress, navy blue dress, salmon color / colour dress, A Coin For the Well, sale, promotion

Forever 21 is also having a 30% off on all sale items. Here are my top picks

Forever 21 wishlist, collage, teal romper, kitty make up set, pink tote bag, aqua flats, braided headband, blue checked business style suit, A Coin For the Well

3) Geometric Jacket - $18
7) ZigZag Beach Bag - $11

If you are lusting after items in this sale, don't wait! Items were selling out while I was making my Polyvore board. The above prices are in CAD because I forgot to change my regional settings so prices are actually LOWER than shown above if you are shopping from the US. 

Sorry for my paltry blog entry today but hopefully you are able to benefit from some of today's bargains! I myself have to pass unfortunately. Too much shopping lately. I'm finally picking up my packages Stateside tomorrow (I live in Windsor which borders Detroit) and I have soooo much crap coming, it's kind of sickening. I took inventory for you and it's as follows:

3 dresses
5 shirts
1 pair of pants
2 pairs of shorts
2 cardigans/sweaters
1 coat
4 pairs of shoes
1 bracelet
12 pairs of earrings
1 purse
1 wallet
3 magazines
a deck of cards
a luggage tag

I swear I'm not a shopaholic. We just don't pick up our packages enough. Until next time!

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