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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hi folks! Guess what day it is? It's Wardrobe Wednesday! When I made the title up for this day, I wasn't really thinking. I just didn't want it to be another "Wishlist Wednesday" but now I'm not quite sure WHAT to do with a day called Wardrobe Wednesday. I'm not even exactly sure what it's premise should BE, but what I've kind of narrowed it down to is taking inventory of my closet, seeing what I'm lacking and making a wishlist based on that. And perhaps throw in an outfit photo. It's essentially a Wishlist Wednesday by another name. Sneaky sneaky!

While going through my closet, I decided that not only am I loving mint, but that I need more of it. I have a few items (two of which are dresses that look nearly identical. See below) but could always use more. My tally for mint items are those 2 dresses, a mint collar necklace and little mint heart earrings. Deprived much? MOAR! So here is my must have mint items that I hope one day will find their way to my closet:

1) TFNC Bea Mint Green Beaded Dress - Lulu*s - $115
2) The Fine Mint Dress - Modcloth - $50
3) Blaque Label See You Around Cutout Mint Maxi Dress - Lulu*s - $135
4) Mint For Each Dress - Modcloth - $90
5) TFNC Abria Sage Green Sequin Dress - Lulu*s - $114
6) Elise Ryan Skater Dress with Jewelled Waist - ASOS - $37

1) City By the Sea Collared Bow Blouse - Ruche - $44
2) Trixie Chambray Accent Blouse in Mint - Ruche - $33
3) Justina Polka Dot Skinny Pants - Ruche - $43
4) Barista in the City Top in Jade - Modcloth - $38
5) Outta This World Bustier Top - Modcloth - $48
6) Pearly-Cue Top - Modcloth - $33

1) Cambridge Satchel Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Mint - Modcloth - $175
2) Dainty Dramatist Heel in Mint - Modcloth - $80
3) Scallop Detail Satchel Bag - ASOS - $47
4) B.A.I.T. Emma T-Strap Wingtip Skimmer - Urban Outfitters - $55
5) You Bow What I Mint Earrings - Modcloth - $10
6) Florence Leather Flat Sandals - ASOS - $37
7) Bag to Differ Mint Green Handbag - Lulu*s - $45
8) Marielle Jeweled Necklace - Ruche - $24
9) Melie Bianco Cobblestone Village Clutch - Modcloth - $48
10) Seychelles Cone Heel T-Strap Sandals - Urban Outfitters - $90

Here is me modelling my pretty mint dress in pretty much the same pose every picture. I'm still a little camera shy. I use to love being in front of a camera when I was a teenager but now I feel silly. I felt comfortable in that little pose, so while Sarah, my boss at the vintage shop was snapping pics, I kind of just stayed there even though she kept getting different angles. 

And here is it's near twin.

I took these photos for a review contest that Modcloth had where you take one item and style it 2 different ways. I bought the strapless dress afterwards without realizing that I already had a mint dress with white polka dots. I felt silly looking at the ground in the second pic, but it does look nice in pictures. If you are interested in the original product pages, they can be found here and here.

Speaking of breaking out of comfort zones, since I've been at Full Circle Vintage, I've been asked to do some modeling for their Facebook page. The photographer, Sal Rahman takes some really good shots and knows what he's doing with Photoshop (unlike me! I just play with it until it's all effed up but then keep it since I spent so long on it) and I'm excited by how great his shots have turned out. Check them out!

For the last bit of news, my boyfriend pretended to be hurt that I didn't hire him to do my blog design. He showed me what his header would have been. I thought I'd share it with you all because it made me laugh.

Talk soon my friends!

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  1. I love the mint color! I wish I could get my hair that color. c:
    Lovely dress!