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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Phew! It's been a bit of a whirlwind! To clarify though, I'm a bit of a unmotivated couch potato who spends all day shopping online to kill time. So anything a bit out of the norm would be classified as a "whirlwind" to me.

First things first though, I'm taking my blog mad seriously and taking the steps to making it look nice, neat and professional. I've asked the assistance of fellow blogger Joyce Chen to make this all possible. I saw her work on my friend, Elana's blog and wanted a part of the action. Despite claiming not to be a great illustrator, she's sent me some samples of my header and it makes me swell with happiness. I can't wait until everything is all done!

Check out Joyce's blog here.
Check out Elana's blog here.

My next whirlwind adventure had it's beginnings yesterday. I went to a vintage store across from my condo called Full Circle Vintage in hopes of being able to take pictures, and hopefully being able to buy something to have material for my Tuesday blog (spoiler, it's going to be called Treasure Tuesdays.) I got into a lengthy conversation with the owner where I confessed that I would love to work at a vintage store. She took me around the store and showed me some of her favourite pieces and seemed impressed by my knowledge in vintage fashion. She said summer is a slow time for business, with the university students out of town, but that if I wanted to volunteer for a few freebies now and then I was welcome to. This completely made my day. No, MY LIFE. Being surrounded by vintage clothes all day is awesome. Today was my first day and it's so fun! I'm learning so many things already, about labels I never heard of and differtent marketing strategies. Plus getting the retail experience will be priceless. I tried to volunteer at a non-profit store, just to get some retail experience (all their workers were volunteers) and I never heard back from them despite being one of those pesky wannabe workers who bugs all the time. Who knew it would be so hard to get a volunteer position? I know people say retail is the pits but as an avid shopper I think I'm cut out for it. I think I know what goes through shoppers' brains.

They have a little bit of everything in Full Circle Vintage. It's part kooky vintage (there's this vest in there with sequined stars I can just picture an 80s figure skater wearing) part lady-like vintage and part modern day high end re-sale shop. The first time I popped in the shop, I found the cutest blue Kate Spade loafers that had red details (not my size!) and just the other day, the owner, Sarah sold a Coach bag for $20. It has a little bit for everybody no matter what your style. I didn't take many photos unfortunately because my camera's crap, for many reasons. One being that I don't know how to turn the flash off, the second being that the batteries die after taking 4 pictures and that it's just overall a really old outdated camera. But it will do for now! Since I'll be at the shop a lot, I will just take fun and interesting pics whenever my camera cooperates.


I'm really excited about this job because I have so many vintage dresses that are just a little TOO weird for daily wear but that will be perfect to wear here. Although full disclosure, the dress I chose to wear, I'd have no problem wearing on a regular day. It's not my first time wearing it actually! Definitely didn't want to go too weird my first day on the job. Had to test the waters first. The owner took some pictures of me intended  for the Facebook page that she was kind enough to e-mail to me afterwards.

Outfit Details
The dress I'm wearing is a homemade concoction (with purple pears on it!) that I purchased from a girl named Edith who lives in Montreal.
The bracelet is a cool hinged bracelet that I bought at a local vintage shop called Penny Jane Vintage. I believe it's carved celluloid. You can get a similar one here  (my mom actually has this one. We found a not quite matching pair of them.)
The knee highs are pretty basic but have amazing stay put power. They are found at Modcloth.

Other busy-ness that happened today was a festival in the city called Balloonapalooza. It's a relatively new thing thought up by the city to re-purpose old float balloons. I know this insider information because my ex had actually worked on the balloons first hand. It was a family run business and he worked directly on the Elmo.

He also worked on a Big Bird and a Strawberry Shortcake but they didn't make an appearance this year. I took a few pics of some of the ones that did. Most of them were pretty lame. I didn't even walk all the way down the street to take pics of the rest of them, haha.

But painting balloons is not a glamorous job. My ex's co-worker died of lung cancer a few years after working his stint as a painter. Likely cause? He didn't wear a protective face mask. Yikes! How scary is that? Remind me not to inhale paint fumes.

Surprisingly, most of the balloons ended up in the shot. It was so sunny, I couldn't see anything I was taking a picture of. Also, people were always in the shot. People were literally lining up to pose with the balloons, so I tried to take photos in between groups of people going up. The one with the boat, the kid wouldn't move but I decided he was cute and I was in a hurry so it's okay.

So today was supposed to be "Shenanigans Saturday" where I show pics of me partying with my friends or provide some kind of fun party time recipe but I've been so tired, I've been going to bed before 9 everyday. I hope inflatables count as shenanigans. I saw some people doing some weird things to them, like punching the one shaped like a sumo wrestler in the face. I call shenanigans! Until tomorrow folks!

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