Wardrobe Wrap Up - Fall 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wowzers. I almost put Fall 2012! Where has all the time gone? Sometimes I still feel like it's 2006 (or 1998.) To think that it's almost 2014 blows my mind a little bit. This Buzzfeed article sums up how I feel perfectly. It's almost like I didn't realize how quickly time was passing until I sat down and analyzed it (thanks for pointing it all out to me, Buzzfeed!)

Unfortunately though, this fall hasn't felt like fall at all. It's felt more like winter. I know this winter is going to drag on for a long time because it was freezing and snowing in November. I want time to slow down but not in a miserable type of way. I want happy, fun time to be slow. I only want time to slow down if it's the kind that is meant to be savoured!

But enough of that. I complain too much. I feel like I'm turning into my Gramps. Always a cranky bear. Onto the point. I'm here today to post a wardrobe summary of my fall looks, since fall is almost ending.

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Original Post - Pumped For Patterns

I started fall off with a love of patterns by modelling a retro style Louche dress and pretty Poetic License booties.

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Original Post - Challenges Ahead

Next up, I experimented with some city skyline tights by pairing them with a 60s mod styled twofer.

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I then modelled one of my favourite dresses, a plaid dress with a kitty shaped pocket by Rachel Antonoff.

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I took advantage of an exceptionally sunny day in my Lauren Moffatt skirt (that I got for a steal!)

vintage inspired fashion, Dilly Daisy, Windsor riverfront, Chrysler building, windsor fashion blogger, green dress, green pattern, knee socks, sound of music inspired, Suzanne Amlin, A Coin For the Well, dirndl
Original Post - Premiere of Movie Monday!

I took inspiration from one of my favourite movies, Sound of Music, by wearing local Windsor, Ontario designer, Dilly Daisy.

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Was feeling fabulously retro in a thrifted 60s shift dress.

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Original Post - Mmmm... Marmalade

Had an orange crush on this fabulous vintage inspired dress from Marmalade.

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Became a little obsessed with the "Luck Be a Lady" dresses by Closet from Modcloth after modelling one here. Even got my mom hooked on them! Bought her one for Christmas (had her try it on to see if it fit, check out how lovely she looks on my Instagram!)

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Experimenting with my first venture of an outfit post using indoor photography. Oy! Hopefully it will get better!

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Original Post - Evergreen Envy

Squashed into a too small Rock Steady dress, just to rock a nice hue of Christmas green!

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Some more terrible indoor photos (because I'm a cool cat who forgets to put on the flash) but good news is I match the heels of my shoes to my dress, woot!

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Original Post - Polyester Paradise

For my latest outfit post, I wore a very cheaply made dress (it looks like a Hallowe'en costume in person) but it actually photographed pretty well. I might even try to rock it out in public sometime! I just have to remember to give it a good steaming first.

What were your favourite looks that you rocked this season?

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  1. I absolutely love your outfits!!
    Agreed with the time, have no idea where it has gone. :/


  2. You have beautiful style! I love the way you did your hair for these photos!

    - Anna


    1. I don't know if you mean the curly or straight version but either way, thank you! For the curly version, I literally do nothing. I don't even comb my hair! Just place a few wayward curls where I think they should be or pin them if they are really unruly. The straight hair is another beast. I have to use like half a jar of pomade wax stuff for those photoshoots. Needless to say, I try to do as many outfits as I can on those days!