Meanwhile on Instagram - December + Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hello readers! Now that we are wrapping up the holiday season, I thought I would wrap up the month with my monthly Instagram feature. I considered doing a yearly wrap-up Instagram feature, but I've only been using Instagram since August (when I started my blog) and it still hasn't become a natural part of my day to be posting on there. I'm just not naturally a shutterbug. Some people take out their camera to document everything (and then have an internet data plan to post photos on the run.) I just take photos randomly sometimes and then forget to upload them. Then later I look at the photos and am like, "Why did I take this picture?" So much of it seems dumb in retrospect. It's almost like you need that element of spontaneity for Instagram to be magical. Other people on my feed are anything but spontaneous - their feed is a carefully thought out portfolio and that's okay too. Their's are really pretty to look at.

Instagram, Suzanne Amlin, A Coin For the Well

(Looking at this collage, a lot of pictures from past Hallowe'ens and a zombie picture made it in. Umm... where's my Christmas spirit? Haha, oh well.) If you'd like to follow, I can be on Instagram @coinforthewell.

Top Row L-R
1) Giving kisses to zombies at an exhibit at the Monroeville Mall (the location where Dawn of the Dead was filmed.)
2) Doing some mad promotion for Blogger Fashion Week (I was a featured blogger) for Canadian consignment brand Trend Trunk
3) My "craft" center (mostly untouched items. Oh well, it looks cute at least! And my niece appreciates the fashion plates.) Featuring Fiona Hewitt products, a "What to Wear" nopepad by Knock Knock (which I had forever but didn't actually begin to use until I started blogging. It's the perfect way to plan outfits!) Also, a copy of The Button Factory. I haven't opened it in 2+ years, but I'm considering it. My purse is covered in Modcloth buttons. What's a few more?
Second Row L-R
4) Used a Hallowe'en picture from 2008 (so I'm 23 there!) to advertise for flapper week on my Instagram. Tried to make it Art Deco-ey by making it triangular, black and white and crackly. This was when I was deep in my Hello Kitty phase. It's actually a Hello Kitty flapper dress. It came with kitty ears headband and had a Hello Kitty patch on the skirt.
5) My parents took this picture of a cat on their fence. My parents like to take pictures of all the critters who live in their yard.
6) I hosted my first giveaway and I'm so happy with how it turned it! Congrats to winner, Brittany Epifane on snagging the $25 gift card!
Third Row L-R
7) I've been sleeping a lot this winter so I used this old photo of me and my cat, Merlin to demonstrate my feelings on things.
8) Received this postcard from Modcloth and it made me happy!
9) Got my mom a Modcloth dress for Christmas! So happy that I'm turning on the entire family to Modcloth. My mom now owns 2 dresses (the one above and this one) and a pair of boots. My grandma has this purse. I don't know if my sister has anything personally but she bought her hubby this t-shirt, after she fell in love with mine. Woot! Converting everyone.
Last Row L-R
10) A picture of my dog with a lady dressed as Santa at PetSmart a few years ago. This was the good photo. The other one, he wasn't having it.
11) A photo of what I thought was the Stanley Cup, at a Costco. Except it wasn't. The cashier had to dash my hopes and tell me it was just a replica. I should have known the Stanley Cup would never be in Windsor! Especially in a Costco of all places.
12) I posted this old Hallowe'en picture of me being Slave Leia (hanging myself by my chain) on an especially exasperated day. I'm feeling much better!

I celebrated my birthday with all the ladies of my fam last night. We went to The Keg. They weren't too impressed with me because I headed out there in sweat pants, sans make-up and without combing my hair. My sister put some jeans on me but I still wouldn't put on make-up or comb my hair. My birthday, my way! I just wanted to be comfy. Plus we were already running almost 30 minutes late for our reservation. Imagine if I had gotten prettied up?

Suzanne Amlin, Shirley Brill, A Coin For the Well, Louche Kitty Sweater, Eye Glasses Sweater, Modcloth

Yes, I realize I'm a total goof. But I really like food. Then I proceeded to go home and eat doughnuts with my friends. Overall a good birthday!

Well, that's all for me! Talk to you soon!

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  1. Hello Kitty flapper dress?! Yes please!! Haha. You definitely worked it. c;


    1. It looks alright in that picture, but the full length was actually so, so bad. I was plus size-ish at the time and had ordered a size 12-14. When it came in the mail, it was a kid's 12-14! So terrible and so small. It was a cute costume though. This is what it looked like. I should wear it again, it would probably be much cuter now.

  2. Happy birthday! Mine is coming up this weekend and I'm looking forward to it :)