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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I've been collecting vintage, specifically antique fashion for a long time. The movie, Titanic is what ignited this interest in me. Initially, I was watching the movie to lust after Leonardo DiCaprio, but eventually it turned into a study of what the characters were wearing. What kind of shoes are they wearing, what kind of jewelry are they wearing, what kind of make-up are they wearing. And the bigger question - how can I emulate this in my own life?! I remember clipping articles in Seventeen and Twist magazine that gave tips on how to get the Titanic look. I still have them saved in a binder!

I actively collected vintage and antique jewelry and occasionally went for the big leagues and sprang for some clothing. I wasn't into stuff you might find at the thrift store (like items from the 1960s-1980s.) I wanted real, authentic Titanic era clothing. Unfortunately, that comes at a price. My parents purchased me a linen "walking suit" from 1910 that cost about $100 one year for Christmas. I remember being pained by the astronomical price. In retrospect, it seems like quite the steal, considering modern linen garments are still super expensive, and while searching for items on Etsy in order to put together this feature, every clothing item from the 1920s, a later time period, was $250+. Unfortunately, the one piece of clothing I chose to include is a replica. I refuse to include in my wishlists anything I wouldn't personally consider buying myself! It doesn't make sense to include $800 dresses, as beautiful as they are, if I don't realistically see anyone buying them, ever.

So basically what I'm trying to get at is my love of vintage fashion started with Titanic era things, stayed focus on exclusively that period for a very love time and then evolved to include everything from Medieval times to the 1980s (I'm still not 100% sold on 90s fashion! I still remember it too well to like it very much.) I especially am into the flapper era at the moment because it includes so many of the beautiful elements of the Edwardian era but the added boldness of Art Deco. It's kind of an old school futurism that will be classic forever.

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Clockwise from top left
1) 1920s Wedding Shoes -  coolKittenVintage - $86
2) Retro Style Hair Comb With Golden Shooting Stars - SwellDameBoutique - $25
3) Plastic Flapper Girl Button - ButtonOdyssey - $3
4) Art Deco Celluloid Necklace With Rhinestones - WholeheartedVintage - $42
5) Made to Order Flapper Day Dress - UnBaulePienoDiSogni - $106
6) 1920 Vintage Life Magazine Cover - RosiesVintagePress - $18
7) Architectural Art Deco Statement Necklace - mylavaliere - $27
8) The Great Gatsby Mini Book Necklace - BunnyHell - $25
9) Aynsley Pink Tea Cup and Saucer China Set - ShoponSherman - $99
10) Louise Brooks Stainless Steel Portrait Necklace - FableAndFury - $29
11) The Great Gatsby Papercut Silhouette Movie Poster - thedaydreamprincess - $25

I didn't even like The Great Gatsby and I REALLY want that poster in the middle. Is that crazy? Probably?

That's all for me! Talk soon!

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  1. I LOVE this! I've always wanted to add more flapper-esque fashion to my wardrobe. My favorite flapper find as of late has been this calendar:
    I haven't bought it yet, but come Christmas, if I'm not gifted a calendar, this is the one I plan on buying.