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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I thought I would detour briefly from the flapper stuff to talk about sale things going on over at Modcloth. I can't resist talking about sales. Or Modcloth. Combined, it's my kryptonite. Also, I've noticed that "Thrifty Thursday" has turned into sort of "let's point out sale happenings" Thursday. Treasure Tuesday has turned into "Etsy Picks" rather than going to my favourite local vintage haunts, Wardrobe Wednesday has turned into Wishlist Wednesday (although I'm not sure what I was going for with "Wardrobe Wednesday" anyways. Surely I meant to post more than one outfit a week?) and Shenanigans Saturday has turned into whatever personal post didn't fit into the other days. To be fair, I came up with the titles before I started blogging and before I had written a single post, so I wasn't sure how things were going to go. I'm trying to not let the titles limit me or anything but I just take some liberties with where I squeeze my posts in. For instance, I started writing monthly goals on the first of every month. No matter what day the first falls on, I've got a plan on how to make it work for that day's theme. I actually have lots of different ideas I could do for each day, but laziness prevails and I keep doing the same thing. Must break these patterns!

Modcloth is running a promotion right now for 20% off party dresses. Interestingly enough though, while searching for my picks to feature, I found a huge amount of dresses for 50% off! I thought I'd feature a mix of both, all under $50, so I could include the advertised promo but also some really awesome dresses at a fabulous steal!

Modcloth dress,, Masterful Maestro Dress, navy sheath dress, black lace details, semi-formal attire
Masterful Maestro Dress - sale price $37.99

Modcloth dress,, Eye on the Prized Dress, light purple dress, lilac dress, circle print, medallion print, diamond print, retro style print, pink details, fit and flare, 1960s style, fashion, 1950s, 50s / 60s
Eye on the Prized Dress - sale price $47.99

Modcloth dress,, Interviews at the Party Dress in Black, Zig Zag print, Taylor brand, white and black colors, fit and flare, 1950s style, retro fashion, vintage inspired

The 20% off sale ends at 11:59PST tonight (12/19.) I'm not sure when this 50% off magic ends.

Modcloth dress, dresses,, Dear Creatures, Mulberry Bash Dress, A Laud of Love Dress, Shoreline Soiree Dress in Stripes, Make the Rounds Dress in Medallions, plum dress with tie neck, retro style, vintage inspired, wish list, collage

1) Mulberry Bash Dress - sale price $48.99
2) A Laud of Love Dress - sale price $43.99
3) Shoreline Soiree Dress in Stripes - sale price $38.99

Sadly, between buying Christmas gifts for the fam, scooping up deals on ebay (it seems like there is so much listed on there. Everybody must be selling their stuff in order to have funds for Christmas!) and buying on Modcloth (they have a new promo everyday practically!) I'm all shopped out. I don't have a single dollar to spend. I'm trying to scrounge together some monies in order to buy Christmas cards! The family might either be getting computer print outs or the same Christmas cards I've been giving them for the past few years. They're from a pack that is meant to be sent to multiple people (not given to the same person a dozen times, ha!) I would love to get a new party dress of course but I have enough party dresses to last me all year. If you happen to need a dress for the holidays though, now is the time to scoop one up!

That is all for me! Off to go hang with my boyfriend and his family for the evening! Talk soon!

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  1. That first dress is friggen gorgeous!! <3