Etsy Christmas Wants

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm in such a rut! I feel like this whole blog is "Here is a pretty outfit, here is what I want to buy, here is my dirty house." I need to do things, I need to seeee people. The good news is I am currently at my mom's house doing some visiting here (even watched one of my favourite Christmas movies of all time, Mickey's Christmas Carol, with my niece today, woot!) but I just need to do more. In general. It seems I only leave the house to come to my parents'. I'm seriously stalling on that goal! (And the rest of them for that fact! Oops! Should probably re-read them to refresh my memory.)

So until I manage to go somewhere interesting enough to take pictures (does the bank count?) we'll go the usual route with "What does Suzy want to buy?" This time, I'm choosing some Etsy Christmas picks. I noticed while going through some of the vintage Christmas items on Etsy, they just don't have the same appeal that my parents own Christmas ornaments do. I thought I would fall in love with everything I saw on Etsy, but I just didn't. I think part of the reason I love my parents stuff so much is the nostalgia of having them while growing up, of only being able to take them out once a year during such a fun and special time. The majority of my family's Christmas ornaments were handmade by my Grandma Amlin and many have personal touches like embroidered names or incorporate my grandma's love for quilting. Plus, even if I did fall in love with any items on Etsy, there is no way I'd be purchasing any - many of the vintage ornaments ran about $60-90! Eep! I ended up picking all modern items, but today's modern is tomorrow's vintage!

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Clockwise from left
Candy Fascinator - ChatterBlossom - $54
Grumpy Cat Christmas Card - KintysCards - $5
Holiday Holly Hair Clip - thehoneycomb - $55
Jumping Cats Ugly Christmas Sweater - skipnwhistle - $29
Modern Christmas Stockings - yespleasestudio - $65
Victorian Inspired Cat Ornaments - oldworldprimitives - $15
Reindeer Kissing Pillow - panpanhome - $15

What are your holiday favourites? Vintage? Homemade? Something you recently picked out from Michael's or Hallmark? I really love hearing about what Christmas items people just "connect" with! Talk soon!

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  1. I'm kind of in a blogging rut myself. I think this happens in to a lot of us every once in a while. I think having a blogging schedule/routine helps though.
    I LOVE that candy fascinator btw - so cute!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Oh, I'm not in a blogging rut, I'm in a life rut! Blogging is one of the only things I can do consistently (although most of the time, I just kind of putz around, liking things on Instagram, saying I'm "networking" or putting things on my Etsy wishlist saying it's for "future use." No real work ever!) I'm in a life rut because I hardly get out. I feel like I need to get outdoors or just see people more. Just becoming a hermit more and more... I haven't been like this since high school :/

  2. I saw your site come up on my etsy stats and had to come check it out. Glad I did! I'm so thrilled to find my candy fascinator on your lovely blog! And what a cutie you are too, glad to "meet" you! ;-)

    1. Glad to meet you too! I love that candy fascinator! I think it's brilliant! I love that it can be worn at Christmas time but wouldn't look super odd at other times of the year either (especially if I wore it - I'm a candy fiend!) I'm hoping Santa will put it under my tree. Hopefully Santa reads my blog!!!!