Making the Best of a Poufy Situation

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Last week, I wore this Modcloth dress I got on eBay for the very first time. What was the hold up you ask? It just was NOT flattering. It originally had a big, obnoxious crinoline underneath that I promptly cut out to reduce the pouf factor, but it was still bad. I then took it to my tailor so she could reduce the volume further (take out the crinoline right where it started, as I had missed about an inch AND reduce some of the fabric in the lining.) The result? Almost there. I started to get sad that this adorable dress, a dress that I really liked on the hanger, but not on me, was never going to get worn.

As you can see in the photos below, calling this dress tent shape would be a compliment. It's more like an igloo shape! Even my boyfriend was like, "Wow hun, you're taking these photos for your blog? That dress is NOT flattering." I know babe, I know. At least I achieved the desired effect I wanted by taking these photos (I took these at 5am, so please excuse that. I left out the ones where I looked like a pregnant lady from the 1970s. Between bad lighting and poofy retro style dress, I guess that's what happens!), Modcloth dress, Esley, Time For a Refresher Dress, light blue and navy striped dress, tie bow sash, summer dress, sky blue dress, modeled, modelled, worn by a person, with and without sash, unflattering dress, A Coin For the Well, Suzanne Amlin

As bad as this dress was, I was really intent on wearing this dress to the bar last Saturday (despite it being a summer dress) and I originally was going to pair it with a white shirt underneath in a pinafore type style. Unfortunately, my white shirt wasn't clean (along with about 8 other loads of laundry.) I decided to try a different take and was pleased with the results, mostly because it matched pretty well!, Modcloth dress, Esley, Time For a Refresher Dress, light blue and navy striped dress, tie bow sash, summer dress, sky blue dress, modeled, modelled, remix, Yumi sweater, Crystal Clear Cardigan, vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, black Vara flats, Loop Windsor, Suzanne Amlin, A Coin For the Well, Windsor Ontario fashion blogger, style blog

Outfit Details
Dress - Time For a Refresher Dress by Esley - Modcloth (discontinued)
Sweater - Crystal Clear Cardigan by Yumi - Modcloth (discontinued)
Purse - Purple Plummage Purse by Nica - Modcloth (discontinued)
Shoes - vintage Ferragamos
Earrings - Le Chateau
Belt - from another dress

That will be all my Saturday Shenanigans for a bit. My brother in law injured his arm at work and can't lift my niece or nephew so I have to go over to do the heavy lifting during bath time and bed time. It's not like I'm going to mourn the loss of my Saturday night. I haven't been going out much anyhow.

In other news, I finally got my business cards in! They look really pretty, but unfortunately I messed up the QR code thingy (either made it too small, distorted the proportions or it's just unreadable because of the paper I got it printed on.) I'll definitely spring for the nicer paper and rounded edges next time, after a few alterations. If you would like to see what inspired me to make these, check out this post on Sincerely Sara and the tutorial on Essentially Eclectic.

Overnight Prints, business cards, Suzanne Amlin, Etsy engraved business card case, A Coin For the Well

That's all for me! Just a pop in! Maybe my Movie Monday this week will be a Curious George movie, hahah. Talk soon!

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