Modcloth's Bea & Dot and Myrtlewood Have Stolen My Heart

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm an exclusives snob. I'll admit it. I love to shop vintage because the item I pick out is one of a kind and I love to buy limited edition things so it's less likely that my friends will have the same thing. I'm not the type of girl that will see my friends with certain things and will want the same stuff. If I see someone else with something, it makes me NOT want it. I don't want to be like anyone else. For instance, I bought this really cute Reverse dress from Urban Outfitters a year and a half ago (that's an approximation but I'm pretty sure that's when I bought it.)

Urban Outfitters, Reverse dress, tiger stripes, cut out top, hi lo, high low skirt, black top, sexy, UO

Within a few months, I saw several girls around town wearing them. I complimented them on their good taste, but I never wore mine again. This style has pretty much taken over and now I want nothing to do with it. I guess it's my way of rebelling. I once went to a birthday party at a club in Detroit called City Club. The style of the club is kind of sexy gothic. Most people wear black and very little clothing. I do have items in my closet that fit this style. However, just to go against the grain, I wore jeans and a pink shirt. I dress how I want!!! It's almost like I intentionally dress to stick out like a sore thumb.

However, back to the point. Dressing in Modcloth's Bea & Dot and Myrtlewood won't make you stick out like a sore thumb. But you will definitely look unique! I've been asking on Modcloth's Facebook for a long time for them to put a separate "Exclusive" section and they finally did. I couldn't be happier. I actually had it bookmarked for awhile because I tended to buy those pieces - I knew if my friends didn't know about Modcloth, that I for sure would be the only one with these items. I tended to favour Be the Buyer items (since those have always been Modcloth exclusives) because I knew they wouldn't show up at discount shops like Winners (Canada's version of Ross and TJ Maxx.) I told you, exclusives snob! I love feeling special.

Being a board game lover, I really loved this dice printed dress from Bea & Dot. It's one of those dresses that looks really adorable from far away too, when you can't identify what the print is.

Modcloth, Just Roll With It dress, dice dress, Bea and Dot, vintage style dress, 50s style dress, printed dress, board game dress

If you are as enamored with this dress as I am, you can purchase the Just Roll With It Dress from Modcloth.

Another dress I really love from Bea&Dot (for the same reason - fun, silly print but that looks pretty and vintage-y from far away) is the Rock and Bowl Dress.

Modcloth,, Rock and Bowl dress, printed dress, bowling dress, printed dress, a line dress, vintage style dress, retro green dress, Bea and Dot

I just love that colour of green. It just seems so retro. I'm not much of a bowler (I place dead last every time!) but this dress is still perfection in my books. Available at Modcloth.

My last pick from Bea&Dot is this cute dachshund sweater. I originally thought it was by Louche (they have a ton of cute sweaters) but I'm happy to see Modcloth jumping on the cute sweater train. I'm super into cute sweaters lately. I have the kitty eyeglass one by Louche and I think this doggy one would make a nice companion.

Modcloth kitty sweater, Louche sweater, cats in glasses, Tulle yellow jacket, Suzanne Amlin, A Coin For the Well

Modcloth,, weiner dog sweater, dachshund sweater, Wiener Takes it All, yellow sweater, jumper, shirt, Bea and Dot, long sleeves, doggie love, doggy, puppy

Everybody needs sweaters like this because even when it's cold outside, they warm your heart! (At least that's what I try to tell myself.) Available at Modcloth.

The other brand Modcloth has created is called Myrtlewood. They have some lovely pieces as well (although overall, I'd say Bea&Dot is a little bit more quirky but both lines have some really stand out pieces.) I've been eyeing the Maraschino Cheery Dress for awhile. The colour is bold but sophisticated and the details are subtly pretty.

Modcloth,, Cheery Maraschino Dress, wine color dress, burgundy, elegant dress, plum, lace inserts, Myrtlewood

Another really pretty one (it's totally my colour sheme!) is the Chalk of the Town Dress

Modcloth,, Chalk of the Town Dress, pink purple chevron, streaks, artsy, watercolor, a-line, high neck, Myrtlewood

I saved my absolute favourite for last. I'm buying this dress. I'm not sure how I'm going to afford it but I'm getting this dress somehow.

Isn't this so adorable? It's so perfect. It's called the Fabulous Flapper dress and it's available (where else?) Modcloth

The great thing about these lines is since Modcloth is producing them themselves, they have a huge range of sizes. If you are interested in looking at the rest of the collection, check out Bea&Dot here and Myrtlewood here

What are your favourites? Have you purchased anything from Modcloth's new line?

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  1. You look so adorable in that jumper. Love it. I have always wanted something from Modcloth but the cost of everything keeps me away. :(