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Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'll be honest - I only opened an Instagram account once I started blogging. When I hired Joyce to do my blog design, she asked me what existing blog designs I liked and what I liked about them. I pointed out a few blogs and said, "I like these types of social media buttons! Just make it like these exactly!" So she did (in my colours.) Problem was, I didn't even have existing accounts on some of those platforms. Uh, oops? But it's made me expand my online socializing so that's always a good thing! And even though my Instagram postings are boring and infrequent, I've been so inspired by what I've come across on there. So many dreamy photos! And not all cats and food photos as I had been taught to believe.

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Now for a little bit about each one!
Top Row L-R
1) At Thanksgiving, my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Susie had a million kittens running around. Over-exaggerating a little bit, but there were 8 kittens and 4 adult cats that were still pretty small (much smaller than my fat oaf of a cat!) They were trying to get rid of them and were joking they were handing them out as party favours. I was quite smitten with them but I don't even take care of my own cat - he currently resides with my ex, Mike.
2) I tired of my bulletin board display (it originally looked like this) so I decided to re-vamp it a little. Hurray for rampant Modcloth obsessions!
3) When I first started blogging, my parents were totally on board with the idea, and purchased me a tripod. Unfortunately, it was $9 and the legs only extended about a foot and a half. I have it propped up on my dining room table here attempting to try it out. I guess you get what you pay for!
Second Row L-R
4) My boyfriend and I being losers.
5) More kitty action at Thanksgiving. I brought my more compact camera and it was really slow at taking the shots with the flash off, so I typically caught the kitties just out of frame and many, many blurs. However, I thought this little mid-pounce shot was really cute!
6) There's a new shoe store at the mall that has huge stuffed sheep at the entrance. I think it's really creepy.
Third Row L-R
7) Trying out new promotional tactics for Factoid Friday. Plus, I just love trivia books that much.
8) When I broke the news to my boyfriend that he could no longer borrow my laptop to take to his parents when he went to visit them, he asked if he could take the TV instead. I obliged. I thought the empty space was hilarious though (because I'm random?) and had to share it with the entire Instagram community.
9) Wore this monochromatic outfit out to Acapulco Delight (a Mexican restaurant) with my friends, Candice and Kevin. Meant to take pics while we were actually out instead of selfies at home, but we called it a night early. Probably a good thing though - there ended up being multiple stabbings right outside my building!!!
Fourth Row L-R
10) Just a fun promo pic that I opted to use on Instagram instead of the blog, mostly because my mom cut my shoes off anyways.
11) Guess who's being a burger for Hallowe'en? THIS GIRL!
12) More blog/Pic Monkey fun.

Speaking of Hallowe'en, the lead-up to Hallowe'en is always a fun time to reflect on favourite costumes of years gone by. My absolute favourite costume ever was a Titanic victim. I rocked it when I was 14, 15 and 16 years old and then brought it back and made it a couple's costume with Mike, my ex when I was a 23 (did I mention that I went trick or treating all 4 of those years?)

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Another couples costume I did with my ex was Slave Leia and Jabba. All I can say is I'm happy burgers don't have to go on diets.

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Photo Credit Sergio Mazzotta

I won't be able to do any fun couples things this year because Logan works at the Loop, the bar we frequent (he would have made such a fun hot dog! Or ketchup bottle!) but it's okay. What are some fun costumes you all have been? Are you all prepared for the big day? For those who aren't, stock up on Hallowe'en goodies at the Hallowe'en sections in these stores!

PlasticLand - Skeleton Section and Zombie Section
Unique Vintage (Be sure to check out their flapper section too!)

That's all for me. I promise to be back with some proper shenanigans soon! 

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  1. Ah, we've had a couple kittens join us at the barn recently and they are just full of it! Very cute, but soooo naughty!