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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey there! I know I have a theme lay out for each day but I'm going to mix things up for today. This is for several reasons. One is because all this week, I've been super busy. I had a hair appointment Monday and then I did some visiting with my family in Kingsville (small town where a lot of my relatives live about 30 minutes from my city.) I also need to renew my passport, which is crucial because it's my only piece of photo ID. I know you are saying, "What the heck? But that's only 2 errands!" but that is how we operate. When I have something to do that involves getting chauffered by my mom, I often just sleep at her house and she fits my errands in when she can. It makes it a little tricky to get things done, but I can still send lots of e-mails... I just can't take any pictures and have content for my blog!

Which brings me to the other reason why I'm going to break the mould: one of my blogging buddies, Cecelia from Where the Water Meets the Sky tagged me in a post on Twitter. I've been tagged in a couple posts on Twitter this week and it surprises me each time. People are noticing me??? It's so neat! 

It's a beauty questionnaire type thing. I don't wear make-up daily, only when I go to the bar or if I'm at work (although I'm thinking of changing this policy. There's been a few times I wanted to snap shots for my Instagram account when I'm out and about and I'm shying away because of how gross I look!) My philosophy for make-up is to do a less is more approach (basically make it look like I'm not wearing make-up) or have one stand out feature. Anyway, onto the questionnaire!

Blush or Bronzer - Blush. Always blush. I used to use a Bonne Bell gel bronzer when I was 17 but haven't used one since. I typically rock my ghostly pallor, but when I spring for some colour, I wear Besame Crimson Cream Rouge or the Lancome  blush I got free in a Christmas make-up bag last year.

Besame make up, Besame cream blush, 1920s style make up, Coming Up Rosy Cheeked Rouge in Crimson, Cream Rouge, Vintage Make Up, Gel Blush
Available at Besame and Modcloth

Lipgloss or Lipstick - Tough call. I'd go with lipstick since I don't like how goopy gloss is. I like Limecrime lipsticks. They smell vaguely like cupcakes.
Eyeliner or Mascara - Mascara for sure! I hardly even wear eyeliner. When I do, I'm usually trying really hard to look like I'm from the 60s.
Foundation or Concealer - Concealer all the way. I have moderately good skin except for dark circles and the occasional pimple.
Natural or Coloured Eyeshadow - Hmmm, tough call again. I don't typically wear eyeshadow, and when I do, I usually want it to serve some sort of purpose. I shall say coloured.
Press or Loose Eyeshadow - Pressed.
Brush or Sponge - Brush.

OPI or China Glaze - I don't really paint my nails. I've never tried either of these brands so I couldn't tell you which I prefer.
Long or Short - Short! My nails are so weak they start to curl when they get any longer than a few millimeters beyond the tips.
Acrylic or Natural - Natural. Even though mine are crappy, I still prefer them that way.
Bright or Dark - If I did paint my nails, I'd want them bright.
Flower or No Flower - No flower.

Perfume or Body Splash - I can't wear scents, they irritate my respiratory system (ha, I guess I'm really boring when it comes to beauty products!)
Lotion or Body Butter - I don't moisturize unless I'm in dire need of it, but I use whatever I have on hand (usually whatever my sister cleaned out of her bathroom cupboards.) I usually end up using lotion, but I think I prefer body butter.
Body Wash or Soap - Body Wash. The creamy Dove body washes are awesome!
Lush or Other - Other. I've never bought anything from Lush. I've gone in there once and I liked the sounds of the company policies and what they had to offer. However, it's kind of expensive for me, and it overwhelms my nostrils to even be in the same vicinity of the store. 

Jeans or Sweat Pants - Tough call again! I love sweat pants when I'm chilling at home but I'd never leave home in them. The winner here would have to be jeans. They just look better.
Long or Short Sleeves - Short.
Dress or Skirt - Dress! I have so many. I have upwards of 80. I'm trying to expand my separates collection but I have a hard time matching them, mostly because I don't buy separates as a ready to go outfit. I literally buy them as separates because I find individual pieces cute. So none of the colours ever match.
Scarves or Hat - Hats! All the way. I never wear scarves, even when it's cold enough to necessitate them. I don't even know how to wear them. I wear hats most days of the week to hide my crazy curly pixie.
Studs or Dangly Earrings - Oooh, tough call again. A few years ago, I would have said dangly, without question, but lately I'm loving the subtlety of stud earrings.
Necklace or Bracelet - Necklace! Always.
Heels or Flats - I love heels because they are soooo beautiful, but lately I can't stand walking in them. I've been trying to buy less heels and focus on buying flats. So... I'm not sure?
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots - Riding boots.
Jackets or Hoodies - Ack, tough call again! Jackets.
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe - I'm deprived and don't have easy access to either store being Canadian but I like Forever 21 better based on the website. Also, I've picked up Forever 21 items in thrift shops and I think they are cute.

Curly or Straight - I like to rock the slicked, straight look when I'm going for a 60s vibe but overall, I prefer my natural waves.
Bun or Ponytail - Neither for me personally with my short hair, but I like ponytails on others!
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clip - Bobby pins! Lifesavers.
Hairspray or Gel - Neither really but I use gel sometimes.
Long or Short - Tough call again! I liked having long hair and I like having short hair. I think they both look good on me. I'm mostly keeping my short hair because it's so low maintenance. Since my own hair is short, I suppose I'll choose that.
Dark or Light - Dark.
Side Swept or Full Fringe - I prefer side swept but I like full fringe on some people. Rooney Mara totally rocks it!
Up or Down - Always down for me! But I like really cool updos (I'm talking early 20th century style updos.) They are so pretty and elaborate!

Rain or Shine - I like nice days, but I hate when it's super sunny. I can't take it with my pale skin. I like a good thunderstorm as well. Ultimately, I like night time the best, but when it's not raining (how's THAT for not answering the question!)
Summer or Winter - Summer, because I'm always so cold.
Fall or Spring - Fall.
Chocolate or Vanilla - Chocolate.

I Would Like To Tag
Elana of Room 334
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Since we are talking beauty, I thought I would post a few items that are on my beauty wishlist. Note - I pretty much only buy from Besame, Limecrime and Rosebud Salve. So I'm pretty boring. Hey, I like what I like!

Limecrime, Limecrime make up, Limecrime lipgloss, gold lipgloss, Limecrime Golden Ticket lipgloss product shot, edgy make up, superhero make up, cool make up looks

Limecrime, Limecrime make up, Limecrime lipgloss, gold lipgloss, Limecrime Golden Ticket lipgloss swatch, edgy make up, superhero make, cool make up looks

This is Golden Ticket by Limecrime. I really want it but it's sold out everywhere. I'm not sure if it's discontinued for good but I'm determined to get it. Look how rad it is! 



This is the Besame 1920s lip product collection. I want it really bad. I'd be okay with the lipgloss or the lipstick. I'm pretty sure it's just the marketing that makes me want it though. It's black licorice scented and I hate licorice. But look how pretty it is! Available at Besame.

Rosebud Salve, Rosebud Salve lip tin, Rosebud Salve three pack, Rosebud Salve 3 pack, CO Bigelow

Available at Rosebud Salve

Lastly, I want thiiiiis. Rosebud Salve is like Frank's Red Hot Sauce to me. I put that sh*t on everything! I use it as lipbalm of course, hand cream, eyebrow tamer, burn soother. EVERYTHING. I bought a 6 pack lot of them on eBay a little while ago and they're gone. I had gifted a few to friends but I used 3 myself. I'm an addict.

Well that's it for me! What are your favourite beauty products? What is next on your must buy beauty list?

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  1. I just got the Lime Crime Velvetines lipstick/gloss whatever from Modcloth the other day and they are awesome! Haven't tried their lipsticks though. And Lush-- try the Comforter bubble bar. They're huge so you can get like 6-8 baths out of it. Not too shabby for the price. It's a nice treat and the only scent I can stand from them, lol!

    1. Awesome, thanks for the tip! I don't take a lot of baths because it would require me to clean my tub but if I'm ever down for a little relaxation (after I scrub the tub of course) I'll know what products to get.
      A word about Limecrime lipsticks - they have major staying power! As in, you have to be pretty sure it's the colour you want to commit to for the night. If you decide it's not the look you want, you'll need make-up remover to take it off. Most times, the colour is still on my lips the next day. Being really lazy about re-applying and make-up in general, I find this really good. Also, you have to wash it off before bed. It will never come out of your pillow cases! My favourite is Centrifuschia. They did a tutorial on Modcloth using it and it's really fun!

  2. Omg I love the Dove body washes! I have the Sakura Blossom one! <3

  3. man, i *love* besame. i always used to think it was a pretty random brand, so i'm glad to see that it's carried at modcloth now! seriously, their eyeshadows have lasted me for years.

    1. I love Besame too! So, so much. I wish it were more easily available. I agree, the stuff lasts forever. I've had the powder compact for almost 2 years and it's still going strong. I don't think I'll ever run out of the rouge. It's a huge size and a little bit goes a long way. I've pulled out my products to use in public bathrooms and people have asked how I've gotten usable make-up into vintage containers. Awesome make-up, pretty packaging. What more could a girl want?