My Top 5 Holiday Gift Picks From my 5 Favourite Stores, All For Under $25!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I don't know about you, but I start choosing what I want for Christmas early. I would also shop for gifts early if I bought anyone gifts (my family never really expects gifts from me and my friends and I don't exchange gifts either so I get off pretty easy) but I know if I DID shop for gifts, I'd want to start early so one paycheck wouldn't suffer the brunt of it all. I did a little scouring of the webs and picked a few items I'd like for Christmas. You know. If I hadn't already spent my allotted amount.

As you know, Modcloth is my favourite online store. Scratch that, my favourite store of anything... actually, let's just make it easy and say it's my favourite thing. In general. Right now, they are having 20% off all gifts (for 24 hours only!) I would totally do all my Christmas shopping there, if you know, I did that sort of thing.

Modcloth,, wishlist, wu&wu, agenda, globe, journal, cats, make up bag, what did I buy today, canister, A Coin For the Well, gifts

1) Notable Adventures Message Globe - $15 (on sale today for $12)
2) What Did I Buy Today? - $13 (on sale today for $10)
3) Contain Your Excitement Coffee Canister - $15 (on sale today for $12)
4) Plan's Best Friend Weekly Planner in Chat - $15 (on sale today for $12)
5) Holding Pattern Makeup Bag - $24 (on sale today for $19)

Unique Vintage
I've been on a huge kick of all things map, globe and postage related. Which is ironic since I never travel. You may notice that many of my picks are related to that! I even got this pretty journal from Modcloth to write all my blogging stuff in. It's a shame that it's being ruined by my chicken scratch.

Modcloth,, map, journal, stationery, cartography, cargo for it map travel journal, inside look
Unique Vintage, wishlist, umbrella, London, rabbit whisk, Pan Am passport holder, Mighty wallet, A Coin For the Well

Unique Vintage is also having a sitewide, Veteran's Day Sale! Just use discount code VETS15.

Plastic Land

Plastic Land, wishlist, shooting star earrings, magic wand salt and pepper shakers, magician knifer sharpener, lolita sunglasses, A Coin For the Well, gifts

I'm really into the Lolita glasses. I can't believe I don't have a pair yet. It's my favourite book and one of my favourite movies. The other day, I made a goal to buy one thing off Etsy and it was this necklace. Cute right?

Etsy, homemade, Lolita miniature book necklace, original cover, green

Forever 21

Forever 21 wishlist, gift guide, Parisian tote, kitty with glasses socks, hanger necklace, lollipop elastics, doggy tweezers

Ahhh! I can't believe they have those socks. It's such a rip off of the Louche kitty. I already have the sweater, and also the pillow, earrings and a cross stitch a friend made me. I definitely need these too, don't ya think?

Louche, Louche cat with glasses, pillow, cross stitch, handmade, hand embroidered, kitty eyeglasses, hand stitched, Modcloth, A Coin For the Well

The ponytail lollipop is more a gift I'd get for somebody else. Because I no longer have any hair. But it's pretty darn cute, right? Also, on an unrelated note, maybe I just don't go to the Forever 21 website enough, but I didn't realize how cheap it was. I literally went through 60 pages of accessories that were under $6! Holy geez.


Sanrio wishlist, Sanrio gift guide, musical chest melody, coin bank, gingerbread plush, Little Twins Stars

On the other end of the spectrum, I'd forgotten how expensive Hello Kitty stuff was. Sad, considering this used to be the equivalent of what Modcloth is to me now (as in, spending every last dollar on it.) Finding products to fit in my under $25 category was quite tricky and I had to pull almost all of these items from the sale section. They had BOOKMARKS that were originally priced at $18! Glad I jumped that ship!

Anyways, sorry for no outfit posts. I am baby-sitting my parent's dog (well he is my dog too, but he lives with my parents.) He is bunking with me in my apartment right now and enjoying not having any stairs in the place. He is an old man, 14 years old, deaf and blind. He is enjoying all the smells downtown has to offer and is totally cool with my place being a little dirty.

Shih Tzu puppy among mess, clutter, Skippy, disorganized

That's all for me! Talk soon!

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  1. Oooh I really want that "What did I buy" notebook! I feel like it would really help with my budgeting! And besides - it's from Modcloth and I'm a sucker for anything by Modcloth.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. I love the cats with glasses socks. Super cute. And I must have the Hello Kitty gingerbread!! KAWAII

  3. Everything on this list is amazing!! I love the little globe and the Jane Austen magnets!
    Sincerely, Sara