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Monday, November 25, 2013

A few months ago, when my sister was making the switch-over from paper books to an e-reader, she let me take a look at her library to see if I wanted any books before she donated them. Most of the items I felt apathetic about (except the "how-to" books, I'm ALL ABOUT THOSE.) A few books I took because I figured I would at least read them before donating them myself. One book that fit this criteria for me was Marley and Me. However, the book exceeded my expectations and so did the movie. It will legit make you bawl. I think the book is even sadder, however it's not a tragedy exactly. Ninety percent of the book/movie is straight comedy, detailing instances of a dog so bad, you'd think it was made up. The "make you cry" segments, sadly are just a part of life, dealing with aging pets and *spoiler* the eventual loss of them.

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I thought Jennifer Aniston was perfect casting for Jenny (and not because they share the same name!) Just looking at the pictures of Jenny Grogan in the insert of the book, it was a really good pick. I was kind of enh when I first heard it was Owen Wilson. (Well "re-heard." Reminded myself I guess. I vaguely remembered he was in the movie from all the tabloid gossip I read circa 2007 but had forgotten.) Turns out he did an alright job in the end. The Marleys did a good job (apparently there were 22!) although I thought a lot of them looked too different to be the same dog. 

I'm a dork and while reading the book, I kept dreaming of the show, Dexter. It's also set in Florida and when the Grogans originally lived in their shoddy neighbourhood, it's shown in a horrible light. I'm pretty sure there were multiple murders and robberies on their street. They did make mention in the movie of the huge event of their neighbour girl being stabbed and John going to her aid, but I liked imagining it all gritty and Dexter style. When they moved to Boca, I would picture my grandparent's house in Florida because they live in a gated community and although it's no Boca Raton, to me it's a pleasant idea of Florida.

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I also took this gem out from the library but ended up not watching it. I think I made the right call.

Once upon a time, I had my own "Marley" - a clearance puppy (although she was nearly full grown by the time we got her) that we not only threatened to give away to a farm, but actually did.

Scanner technology was crappy 15 years ago

Her name was Emily and we had purchased her from the Classifieds in the newspaper. She wasn't scared of thunderstorms so much as being left alone. She chewed through all of my dad's new woodwork that he had just put up, my sister's toe shoes and all sort of other things. We had her less than 2 months and didn't have the patience for the expenses she racked up. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do that I think, but my dad is the type who jokes about me not being able to come over anymore because I'm such a slob. Watching Marley and Me reminded me of Emily so much. I think if we had kept her, our lives would have been just like that. The scenes that reminded me most of Emily were when Jennifer Aniston was walking Marley. Yep! Been there.

The dog we got right after Emily is my current dog, Skippy. He's mostly well-behaved (although a little cranky in his old age) but he's what my boyfriend calls "high maintenance." He's definitely a prissy little thing, has a preference for pillows, needs to be carried up and down the stairs (but that's only because he's blind) and always has to wear his kerchief.

Skippy, A Coin For the Well, cute dog, cute puppy, Princess Di eyes, Puss in Boots eyes

He's also definitely a solo type dog. He didn't really like my hamster and he doesn't like my niece and nephew or my sister's dog, Freddie. I think it's partially because of his disabilities though and he can't see or hear them come up behind him and it scares the crap out of him.

Skippy, A Coin For the Well, dog, puppy, hamster, cute, awww

The reason that I bring up Skippy though is because reading Marley and Me and watching the movie, it reminds me that Skippy is not going to last forever and it makes me so sad. He's 14, deaf and blind and limping a lot. His deterioration is a lot like Marley's in the book and seeing it so plainly in print made me sad, even when Marley still had years of living yet to do. Because you always know what's at the end. I guess I'm a bit in denial because I haven't had to deal with death very much, and I find myself making really immature wishes (like wishing Skippy could be a vampire or something equally impossible) but I guess I'll cope with it when it comes. 

Wow, downer post! But to sum things up, Marley and Me - thumbs up. Having pets - thumbs up. Them having a shorter lifespan than humans- thumbs down.

I guess that's all for me! What did you all think of Marley and Me? Have you ever had Marley type pets? Talk soon!

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  1. OH I remember this movie/book! I thought it was so cute. It came at such a perfect time for me because my dog had died a few months prior and it reminded me how full its life was.

    Emily seems like a sweet dog and Skippy is adorable. It's funny how dogs have different personalities. :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes