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Saturday, November 30, 2013

I decided to make my Instagram updates a monthly feature. Although, true story, I didn't post on my Instagram account for half the month because I got booted out each time I went to upload a pic. It turns out the solution was to just turn my phone off and on so that all my apps would shut down (so that my phone wouldn't be so bogged down) but I'm not super technologically inclined and it took me literally half the month to figure this out. Most of the pics I uploaded to Instagram this month didn't even OCCUR this month, but that's when I posted them, therefore they get to be included in this post!

caricature, cartoon, Scamper and Delilah, itsjustjustine Storenvy, cats in glasses, cats in bowties, Instagram collage, art, artwork, A Coin For the Well
CVS Canada pink mints, Monroeville Mall food court, Instagram collage, A Coin For the Well, pink coat, outerwear
Terra Cotta pizza, Windsor Ontario pizza, Thomas Jefferson quote, Instagram collage, A Coin For the Well
Loop Windsor, bars Windsor Ontario, Loop front doors, Loop sign, Pepsi vending machine, A Coin for the Well
Retro Suites Inn, Chatham Ontario, neon sign, star sign, A Coin For the Well
Smart Set brown dress, 1950s silhouette, cute shih tzu, Skippy, outfit of the day, mirror photo, Suzanne Amlin, A Coin for the Well, Instagram collage
Modcloth,, geometric black skirt, peter pan collar, Luminia Etsy, Chanel inspired purse, Instagram collage, Loop Windsor, derpy face, blurry photo, Suzanne Amlin, A Coin For the Well

Top Row
1) While my mom was cleaning, she found this caricature I had done on my 11th birthday (in 1995) at Busch Gardens in Florida. I remember at the time, I didn't quite understand what the point of a caricature was and was quite horrified that I actually looked like that!
2) I took a picture of this painting after I finally got it framed (the frame is part of an early Christmas gift from my parents.) I got the print myself a few months ago from my friend, Justine. When I said I like cats in glasses, I'm not kidding! She has them for sale on her Storenvy account so if you would like one for yourself, that is totally possible!
Second Row
3) When going to the airport the other day to pick up my grandma, my mom made a pit stop at a CVS to get some Chex mix (which has mysteriously disappeared off our local shelves! NOOOO!) I saw these "Canada" mints and could not stop laughing. I know it's a super simple concept but I never viewed Canada as a novelty before.
4) This is my current Facebook cover photo and this was a scenario of me trying to look for anything to post on Instagram (knowing I was making this post today.) This picture is from when I went to Pittsburgh (on my trip centered around my visit to the Modcloth offices.) My ex, Mike and I also popped by the Monroeville Mall, the mall where the original Dawn of the Dead was filmed. The food court used to be a skating rink. Therefore, I'm "skating" in the food court (and getting a lot of weird looks.)
Third Row
5) Modcloth had a fun little challenge on Instagram (hashtag "modweekofthanks") where each day, you posted a picture that fit that day's theme. This was my picture for the food theme. Because I love pizza. This was a picture from our anniversary dinner. In related news, the pizza giving up has not been going well, but I'll update more on that tomorrow.
6) More of the "modweekofthanks" challenge. This day's topic was a lesson I had learned (and it's a good lesson!)
Fourth row
7) Another "modweekofthanks" (if it weren't for that, I don't know if I would have posted anything this month!) The subject was "view or landscape that makes you feel at ease." It doesn't look like much of a landscape. It's not pretty, or a landmark but it's the bar where all my friends go. And that always puts me at ease.
8) One day while walking home from the library, I spotted this pop vending machine for sale in someone's driveway. I thought it was funny (especially since Molson is one of the selections!) but would only think that price was worth it if it came with an unlimited pop supply.
Fifth Row
9 and 10) On my blog post about the Retro Suites, I used a lot of photos of the hotel from the business Facebook page rather than ones I had taken myself. So I posted them on Instagram instead.
Sixth Row
11) A "modweekofthanks" post of an animal I like. And duh, that would be Skippy!
12) While cleaning out my closet, finding clothes to sell on my Trend Trunk profile, I kept falling in love with everything I was trying on. Oh, the life of a clothes hoarder! I don't even think I've ever worn this!
Seventh Row
13 and 14) What was supposed to be a Shenanigans Saturday post. And this was the material I had to work with.

That's all for me! I'm sitting down to write some goals for tomorrow's post and one is definitely to post on Instagram more! You can follow me @coinforthewell. Talk soon!

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